Empowered Goddess

Empowering and honouring women as they journey through each stage of their lives. 

A Goddess Oracle inspired by the divine strength, beauty, and diversity of women.  

  • Do you believe in the empowering power of art & words?
  • Do you love beautiful oracle cards & quality art capturing the divine essence of women?
  • Do you need an empowering daily ritual to fill and uplift you?

Then this art book & oracle card deck is for you! 

In ancient times, divine feminine knowledge and wisdom were passed from mother to daughter. Women gathered in circles to empower and honour each other. From maiden to mother, mother to queen, queen to crone, and crone to maiden. We uplifted each other through word, song, stories, dance and art. Wisdom was passed down through generations, and moving through the different stages to reach the crone was deeply honoured and revered. Ritual, connection and community strengthened women both individually and collectively. 

This art book & deck celebrates this divine beauty and strength through art. 

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About Empowered Goddess Oracle

Embodying Your Inner Goddess

We all have a feminine and a masculine side. It is very important to honour, acknowledge, and find balance for both of these energies. If you identify as female, you have an inner goddess. When we seek ways to awaken, nurture, and honour the divine feminine within, we tap deeper into love, joy, and light and our true nature. 

We can step graciously and uninhibited into our own skin and what it means to be a woman who truly loves and accepts herself. Through this love, joy and acceptance your inner goddess will shine! This journey to the self takes time, gentleness, healing, courage, presence, acceptance, and radical self-love. 

When we can learn to let go and surrender into love, to fully trust the universe and ourselves, we awaken our deepest dreams and desires and create our life with intention, gratitude and purpose.

Embodying your inner goddess is to know yourself truly, authentically and wholly, and to move through your days following your heart and intuition in this way. There are many ways we can embody our inner goddesses and that is why this Goddess Oracle deck was created. 

To help women re-awaken these energies and step unapologetically into their power, truth and wisdom, into their inner Goddess.

The deck features 48 cards (and 2 artist cards), split into four seasons of 12 cards. 

  • Maiden  - Spring - Waxing Moon - Follicular Phase - Earth and Water
  • Mother - Summer - Full Moon - Ovulation Phase - Fire
  • Queen / Witch - Fall - Waning Moon - Luteal Phase - Air
  • Crone / Wise Woman - Winter - New Moon - Menstruation Phase - Ether

Like the cyclical seasons of life, this deck is designed to cycle through the year with you. Offering empowering words, wisdom, and art to meditate on. Each card has a different herb, stone and way to attune with nature to offer further support and guidance. There are also 4 journaling prompts and 4 mantra suggestions to dive a little deeper into card and the energy. 

Deck details

  • 50 cards (48 oracle & 2 artist cards)
  • Printed on 350 gsm black core art paper
  • Anti-scratch matte lamination, giving a luxurious feel to the cards
  • Gold foil elements on the back
  • A 200 page casebound booklet with soft touch cover
  • A magnetic flip open box with soft touch lamination

The deck includes a beautiful Guide booklet. In it, you will find the wisdom of the card, ways to attune with nature, a crystal, mantra, herb, and some journal prompts.

Book Details

  • 200 page booklet 
  • 150 gsm Soft touch colour cover
  • gold foil elements (stretch goal)
  • 80 gsm book paper
  • Black and white interior with the corresponding image (Full colour stretch goal)
  • Power word, Seasons, Stone, Wisdom, Meditation, Herb/spice, Mantra and journaling prompts.

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