Empowerment Portraits by Therena

You are invited on a journey of discovering what beautiful means to you. Immortalize your divine essence within my art as one of my Muses.
As an internationally published photographer, people mistakenly believe that I work with professional models exclusively. The truth is I work with all women no matter their shape, age, or comfort level in front of the camera.  I simply guide them to experience an extraordinary transformation through my lens to become the beautiful goddesses you see in my art. 
I want you to take a risk, to become vulnerable in front of the camera, and to allow me to guide you, to empower you, and to capture you as you are right here in this moment in time.
I want you to be my Muse. To capture your strength, vulnerability, sensuality, originality, creativity, and femininity.  I want to take you on a journey to self-discovery and empowerment. I want to photograph YOU.
Dare to step out of your comfort zone and in front of my lens and be one of my Muses. Book your own personal EMPOWERMENT PHOTOSHOOT or join me as I explore and discover my own femininity and vulnerability through my personal art.
Start your journey with me and choose your own adventure into my world of bold cinematic expression, timeless painterly exploration, and an unapologetically feminine narrative.

What are Empowerment portraits?

It's no secret that we, as women, crave feeling and looking beautiful. We desire acknowledgment from those who love and surround us. But mostly we desire that acknowledgment from within ourselves.
Imagine being able to relive the magic of your beauty as you are today whenever you desire and finally being able to see your true beauty through another's eyes for all eternity. You are beautiful and deserve to not only feel that way and be pampered, but to exist in photographs that are cherished forever. 
Whether you want to turn up the heat and wear something sensual, or simply want to create something timeless, whimsical, and elegant. The empowerment photoshoot is all about celebrating you, as a woman, and in a way that makes you look and feel beautiful, no matter how YOU define it. 

 The Empowerment Photoshoot Experience

Join me on a journey of self-discovery and self-love. Experience the same level of expertise and pampering that celebrities have to prepare them for the red carpet. Take a day in celebration of yourself and express your inner goddess.
Some call these sessions boudoir, others glamour or fantasy, but I prefer to call them empowerment photo sessions, and you will soon discover why! Read below for all the details on what you can expect when you book a photoshoot with me!

Celebrity for the day

Your journey starts by designing your dream session in person at my studio. How do YOU want to be photographed? My job is to create art as uniquely beautiful as you, no matter how you envision it. Every session is specifically designed to help you express your unique vision and enhance your natural beauty.  
I completely understand that you may feel a little uncomfortable about your body, or in front of the camera. I have yet to meet a woman who isn't. But I can assure you that the way I will light and pose you, you will look and feel beautiful. 

You will leave the session feeling more confident and empowered than when you first arrived, and possibly feeling more beautiful than you have felt in your entire adult life!
But the magic doesn't stop when you leave. I retouch your images with the same expertise as a fashion magazine editor and create beautiful finished works of art with you as the Muse.
Once every image has been lovingly edited, we will meet here at my studio and you will see your art for the first time. 
I have watched women cry when they first see their portraits because for the first time in their lives they feel seen by another the way they have always seen themselves in the mirror.
You are beautiful, and you deserve to exist in a masterpiece. 

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I invite you to join me on the journey as my Muse! Book your design consultation today!

Beautiful art for your home

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