Commercial Art Comissions

Do you need custom art created for your book, merchandise, album, or Kickstarter project? Then read on for more information!

I specialize in character & fantasy art, including but not limited to: character art for books, Kickstarters, SWAG (e.g. stickers, bookmarks, postcards), chapter headings, title pages, maps & more.

Since each project is a custom creation, please reach out to me for a consultation to discuss your budget, vision & needs.

Below you will find my pricing, process, questionnaire, and terms of use for commissions. As well as a sample of previous commissions I have created for authors & creators.

Let's chat! Tell me about your dream art! How can I bring your characters and books to life? Or keep reading for more information about my process, and prices!


Commissions are priced on a piece by piece basis. My rates are $50 USD per hour, with a $150 USD non-refundable deposit to secure your spot in my calender.

We will discuss the details of your project and work together to create the art that you want and need for your project.

While it is difficult to give an exact quote, most character commissions take between 5-8 hours ($250-$400 USD) based on the complexity of the character and scene, with additional characters adding anywhere from 1 to 3 hours per character.

The deposit covers 3 hours of work time and will be deducted from the total amount upon completion of the art. All commissions are final sales, with full payment due upon completion of the project.


After you have paid the deposit and secured your date on my calender, we will talk about your project. You need to complete the quick questionnaire posted below and I may contact you for more information if I need it.

Once I am certain I know what you want, I do a quick 30 min sketch. I will ask you to approve the sketch in terms of the pose, composition, etc. as this is the last time any major changes can be made. Be specific! You won't hurt my feelings if you want something changed or tweaked!

Once you have approved the pose/composition, I will get to work. I love sharing my progress as I go along, so expect frequent updates! This also lets you know when I am actively working on your project.

All my art follows this basic process: line art, black and white shading, and finally colour at the very end. I usually do a NSFW version of most art, unless it has children or under aged teens in it. (It allows me to ensure proper anatomy in the pose!)

However, if you don't want the NSFW version, please let me know! I do not need to share that WIP with you. And if you want the completed NSFW version, also let me know. It doesn't add much time to the final commission to fine tune it into its own completed version. (15-20 mins max per character, and you have two finished art works for the price of one!)

When we reach the colour stage, I will reach out to you again for any minor tweaks before I add the final details. Once you are happy, I will send you the final invoice which is due before I can send you the completed high resolution art work.

Ideally, I ask for 3 weeks' time from the time we book your starting date, so please plan accordingly. (Please note, I sometimes book 1-3 months in advance! This 3 week timeline is after that!)

However, I can sometimes do rushed commissions within a week if I have space on my schedule. This needs to be known at the time of booking, so I know if I can deliver on such short notice. Otherwise, there is a $100 USD fee if it is a sudden change in plans as I schedule around other commitments and would have to put in extra hours.

I often create multiple 'products' from a single image. From stickers, to wallpapers, and art prints to two versions if you get the NSFW option. You will get both the high resolution files in your desired ratio, and a transparent .png file of any characters, which you can then use as stickers/marketing/SWAg & more. I can format your art for social media as well, just ask!

Read on for the basic questionnaire and see a few samples of my work.

  • The first few steps. Line art and block colours

  • The bulk of the process is creating the greyscale image. Making sure there is depth, and contrast in the image

  • The final steps are colour and texture. Bringing the illustration to life.

Be inspired! Design your dream art project! Contact me today!

Design Questionnaire

Here are the basic questions I will need for your commission:

  • Date you need the commission completed by.
  • What you need to use the art for. There is a difference in designing and composing character art for merchandise, stickers, bookmarks, interior art and cover art. So it is very important that I know how you want to use the art.
  • Do you plan to only use it digitally or are you planning to print it and how big? If you know you want postcards or art prints, interior book art, let me know so I can be sure to create the art with a specific ratio in mind. Most common rations are 4x5 or 2x3.

Art specific information I need:

  • How many characters?
  • Are your characters human, or some other fantasy/sci-fi/monster species? (Elves, angels, demons, werewolves, etc.)
  • If they are not human, do they have non-human features? (Horns, wings, tails, fur...)
  • Age of character/age they appear to be.
  • Male or female - if not human, do they have specific features that identify them?
  • NSFW version, or not.
  • Activity: do you want just a portrait, a specific emotion/pose? Are they doing anything specific?
  • If multiple characters, how are they interacting?
  • If it's a couple, and you want a NSFW scene, how blatant/intimate do you want it to be? Are they just holding hands, kissing, or more?
  • Specific character features: ethnicity, eye colour, hair colour/length/style, body type, skin colour/tattoos...
  • Fashion: what are they wearing, if anything? Jewelry & accessories?Modern/fantasy/futuristic/steampunk/gothic etc.
  • Props/equipment/gear: anything that identifies them you want included. (Swords, weapons, etc)
  • Character personality. I try to capture their body language if possible.
  • Specific pose/scene/event in your book.
  • Full body / portrait (shoulders up) / 1/2 body (waist up) / 3/4 body (just below hips) - note more body can take longer in some cases.
  • Backgrounds: I usually do simpler backgrounds with the focus being on the characters themselves. However, I can create a more complex background if you need it. This will affect the overall cost, and can add anything from 2 to 5+ hours on elaborate scenes.
  • Complex creatures: some creatures/characters can become quite complex and require a lot of time to capture all the details. If this is the case, we will discuss your budget ahead of time. (eg. the golden dragon below took 12 hours total time)

If you want me to read the book to get my own sense of the characters or pick a scene that inspires me, you can send me a Bookfunnel link to Please allow 2-3 weeks to read the novel. This can be sent before your booked commission date, as I try to read on weekends.

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Commercial Lisencing & Terms

When you commission art work from me, you get COMPLETE, unlimited, lifetime, commercial usage rights. You can copy, sell, use the art however you want and in whichever format you want, whether print or digital. With the exception of reselling the commercial license or NFT to another user. If for any reason you need to do this, they will need to purchase a license directly from me for a minimum of $250 USD. NOTE: Any business or publishing company under your own name or ownership does not require a license transfer.

I reserve the copyright to use the art in my portfolio both physical and online (website, social media, Patreon, inside art books, art prints, etc. With the exception of using it as cover art, or as merchandise without express written permission. This remains your exclusive right) Full credit will be given to you as the IP owner of the characters and I will include a link to your name and/or website for credit.

Exclusive licensing is available for $500 USD annually.

By commissioning art from me, you agree to these terms.

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