Meet the Artist

Therena is an award-winning photographer, illustrator, and author. 

She specializes in creating fantasy art, whether it is in her photography studio or in creating digital paintings. 

As an immigrant, she grew up in two worlds. Part of both, yet not fully belonging to either. A misfit, weirdo, and black sheep—one who dared to believe in magic, fantasy, and the power of being different. Bringing imaginary worlds to life through her art and writing, she found where she belonged and fit in through fictional stories and characters like herself.

By day, she is a professional photographer, and by night she loves to vanish into the imaginary worlds which dwell in her mind. When not writing stories or drawing, she can be found reading romantic fantasy novels. On weekends, she enjoys playing D&D with friends or running a campaign for her family—the very campaign which inspired the backstory for Evie and led to this novel!

Her stories capture the empowering essence of being true to yourself no matter what adversary the world, or your own fears and doubts, may throw at you.

She lives on beautiful Vancouver Island with her husband and three children, where she writes epic fantasy tales for other outcasts and misfits seeking to find a place where they belong without having to fit in. With epic adventure and romance at its core, each story is a tale of empowerment, belonging, and embracing oneself. And who doesn’t love a story filled with magic, adventure, love, and dragons?.