Blood & Scales

She is hunted, he is haunted—together they must face the ghosts of their past to build a future together.

Hunted and outcast, Kaya doesn't trust anyone. Until Ryu. Can she let him in, or will she always be on the run?

Haunted by his true nature, Ryu fears letting his dragon take control. But with his true mate in danger, can he learn to trust the beast within to keep her safe?

When an ancient curse demands a blood sacrifice, they must each choose whether to fight it and have a future together or break it to save the future of those they love.

Blood & Scales is a standalone Paranormal Fantasy Romance set in the world of the Tri-Realms. If you love stories about fated mates, found family, cinnamon roll dragon shifters, witches with blood magic, spicy romance, you will love Blood & Scales.

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